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Precision Sheet Metal Fabrication

Interfab is a precision sheet metal fabrication workshops located in Sydney that is the benchmark within the industry. What makes Interfab unique is the precision sheet metal work, which includes laser cutting accuracy to +/- 0.1mm and folding accuracy to +/- 0.2mm. Very few sheet metal workshops can achieve such high accuracy for precision sheet metal fabrication. The best that most sheet metal workshops can typically achieve is accuracy to within 0.5mm to 1mm. Along with the high accuracy of Interfab sheet metal fabrication, goes some very high quality manufacturing and at competitive prices.

The precision sheet metal fabrication is supported by a quality management system since 1993 utilising ISO 9001:2015 for quality and documentation control. Interfab is a Defence and aerospace sheet metal parts supplier, which has a work culture from inception in 1981 of doing very high quality work, accurately, consistently and with excellence. This level of high quality and precision sheet metal fabrication is also provided with very competitive pricing to win work frequently.

Below are a few examples of the precision sheet metal fabrication that Interfab can offer you for your project or jobs.

Precision Sheet Metal Fabrication 1.jpg

Folding Precision
to 0.2mm

Precision sheet metal fabrication is about laser cutting, punching and folding to fractions of a millimetre. The images on the left demonstrate the accuracy of a corner fold with a gap of approximately 0.2mm. This is an example of the level of accuracy and quality that Interfab can achieve repeatedly and consistently for you with your fabricated parts and products.

In the 3rd image, it is difficult if not impossible to tell the difference between weld & parent metal. The way welding should be.

Precision Sheet Metal Fabrication 2.jpg

Precision Tabs
Along Two Edges

Precision sheet metal fabrication is about accuracy and consistency across a high quantity. Where the assembly of the two parts requires the accurate mating of tabs on two parts, along two edges and on both sides of the part. The zoomed-in image below shows tabs mating along two edges, where the background image shows various numbers of the same part. Interfab can achieve such precision consistently!

Precision Sheet Metal Fabrication 3.jpg

Very High Welding Quality

With Interfab's precision sheet metal fabrication, it is often very difficult to determine which fold lines have been welded and which have been folded. 

The images on the left show welded pieces before and after grinding, where the quality of the weld join is to a very high standard.

Can Interfab help you with you precision sheet metal fabrication?
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