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Aluminium Fabrication Sydney

Interfab is one of the high quality aluminium fabrication workshops in Sydney, located in Baulkham Hills. Interfab has been welding aluminium sheet metal and plate for decades and has the necessary expertise and high quality welders to provide one of the best aluminium welding finishes in Sydney. Interfab can weld various grades of aluminium, even welding jobs for defence and aerospace applications.

If you have an aluminium fabrication requirement, then let Interfab's welding quality and job management help you to complete your project to a very high quality and to our mutual benefit. Below are a few examples of some very high quality aluminium fabrications that Interfab can manufacture for your projects or jobs.

Aluminium Fabrication Sydney 4.jpg

Aluminium Fabrication

Interfab has the ability to weld aluminium from 1.2mm sheet metal to 12mm aluminium plate. Welding of aluminium is one of the harder materials to weld as it is difficult to see when the aluminium has reached the correct temperature as it does not glow like the welding of steels. 

Interfab regularly welds aluminium and has very highly skilled welders that can weld thin gauge and thick plate aluminium.

Aluminium Fabrication Sydney 1.jpg

Aluminium Sheet Metal Fabrication

Aluminium sheet metal fabrication is a challenge to most welders as the difficulty is knowing when the material has reached the correct temperature, without having the thin sheet metal material fall as it starts to heat up.

The image on the left is a 1.6mm thin aluminium sheet metal, with Interfab having welded as thin as 1.2mm sheets.

Aluminium Fabrication Sydney 2.jpg

Aluminium Enclosures

Interfab has welded numerous and various aluminium fabrications, where jobs come in all shapes and sizes. The boxes on the left were required to be fabricated frequently for a particular customer. 

Interfab can laser cut up to 6mm aluminium, however for sizes over 6mm plate have to be water jet cut to achieve a clean cut edge. 

Aluminium Fabrication Sydney 3.jpg

Large Aluminium Fabrications

From small jobs to large projects that require the highest quality aluminium welding and fabrication. The image on the left form a large traffic messaging sign to sit over motorways. Interfab completed the aluminium fabrication managed the powder coating and also assembled the mechanical and electrical components to complete this project. The light aluminium structure was the key requirement for this frame over hanging above a motorway.

Can Interfab help you with your aluminium fabrication?
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