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Precision Sheet Metal Fabricaton

About Us

Interfab is a privately owned Australian, precision sheetmetal manufacturing company established in 1981. We pride ourselves on having a cohesive working environment where highly skilled people, with the latest technology and years of combined experience continue to deliver high quality products and with great customer service and support.

Originally incorporated to produce commercial prototypes for many of Sydney’s leading industrial design houses, Interfab quickly became a short to mid volume manufacturer to satisfy the needs of existing clients who were unable to source reliable volume supply to our prototype standards elsewhere.


We have since evolved to provide the complete end to end customer solution. Our advanced manufacturing platform is supported by Solidworks to program the sheetmetal cutting and folding requirements and our MRP Bill of Material (BOM) structure designed specifically for our manufacturing industry. The work pieces then move through our various state of the art manufacturing processes, including CNC Lasers or Combination Laser/Punch, CNC Press Brakes to be formed, then to be welded using Mig, Tig, Robotic or spot welding. Then most work pieces are powder coated and finally into mechanical and electrical assembly of total turn-key solutions.

Interfab has developed an enviable reputation in the market as a high quality, precision manufacturer of complex sheet metal components and assemblies. Interfab supplies products and services to a vast array of industries including quality critical items that are used in Bio-medical, Aerospace, Defence, Electronics, Security, Mining, Communications, Power and many other industries.

Our Team

Interfab has a team of experienced and qualified professionals that are committed to providing the highest level of manufactured parts and customer service. The combination of exceptional skills, appropriate training, depth of experience and the latest technology allows us to provide high end, sheet metal solutions to meet your job and project needs.

Our team are committed to delivering quality products, which as a by-product creates a highly respected reputation. Interfab enjoys working with customers to help solve their manufacturing requirements, placing a strong emphasis on engineering and Manufacturing know-how, effective and responsive communications and production flexibility. Through the opportunity to demonstrate our capability, Interfab has formed many key partnerships with customers providing a continual, reliable service as a sheetmetal manufacturer. We hope that you will provide us the opportunity to demonstrate the value we can add to your business as well.

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